Will the drain plug open on its own?

No, there is a pin and spring that locks the drain plug in the “on” and the “off” position. We also include a safety pin that gets installed in the drain plug while in the "off" position.  The safety pin keeps the drain plug from accidentally turning on as well as keeps debris out of the nipple and make sure your No Mess Drain Plug® stays in working order.

Does the drain plug leak?

During testing, we built a table top drain pan and started testing my drain plugs with water and not oil. We wanted to make sure that our product was of high-quality grade and so no one would not have to worry about oil leaks. The test with water was a success: no leaks! If it won't leak with water (which is less viscous, allowing it to flow more freely than oil), it'll never leak with oil. We must admit that not all our plugs are thoroughly tested - that's an impossible task.  However we believe that our testing and quality assurance will provide you with peace of mind: they won't leak.

How long does it take to drain the oil using your system?

If you were to wait for it to stop trickling 100% - then our drain plug would definitely be faster than your conventional oil change method.  The reality is that most people drain the oil "mostly" and then replace the drain plug or they leave the oil to completely drain while they go off and have a cold beverage.  If you include either scenario, our system is faster.  With our system, you also have options. You can use my drain plug with a hose.  The hose creates drain speed because of a cool thing called the "Venturi Effect" and drains faster.  The second option you have is to use an Oil Extractor Pump.  The pump actually sucks the oil out extremely fast!  Check out our "How to Videos" to see our products in action.

Will it break off on a speed bump?

So far, we haven't experienced that. However, if your vehicle is very low and your drain plug points straight down, you may want to contact us in order to ensure that it’s a right fit for you. We don't want you to damage your vehicle because you sheared off our drain plug on a speed bump. Besides, the No Mess Drain Plug® is made out of strong materials such as carbon steel so it can withstand a lot of abuse.

I have a Harley motorcycle, which is very low to the ground. I do scrape the bottom of the frame on bumps now and then, but my plug always remains intact and 100% fully functional.

What are the parts made of?

Carbon steel, the same as normal bolts that’s used in a variety of car models - so it's very hard and sturdy just like a normal drain plug bolt. We even nickel-coat the outside to prevent it from rusting, which is more than your typical drain plug that can sometimes break off due to rust and corrosion. It's made to last and we use quality, heavy-duty metal so that my solution lasts more and is more reliable than a standard drain plug.

Will this work on boats, lawn mowers, generators, etc.?

Yes. However, we don't know the sizes for all engines.  If you're willing to provide measurements, We're willing to do what's needed for it to work with your engine. This also applies for boats, lawn mowers, generators, ATV's and side by sides. Basically, it should work for any engine with oil, so give us a call and lets work it out for you.