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Introducing the No Mess Filter Drain for a ! At No Mess Products, we have reimagined the oil change process and invented a new tool, the No Mess Filter Drain. Now you can drain your oil filter BEFORE removing it, eliminating the oil filter mess.

Easy.... Clean.... Simple.....

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If you need to change your filter
on your but HATE the mess,
you’ll love this amazingly simple
new tool!

About the No Mess Filter Drain

“After introducting my first invention, the No Mess Drain Plug, folks asked me to figure out a way to "fix" the filter oil mess.  After a lot of trial and error, the No Mess Filter Drain tool was born!  This is not a perfect solution but this is a lot better than nothing…” Daniel White, inventor

The No Mess Filter Drain is a one-of-a-kind tool.  In the short time since being released, sales have out-paced our wildest expetations.  The No Mess Filter Drain has quickly earned the trust of satisfied customers around the world.

Car, truck, motorcycle, RV owners, truck fleet operators, and industrial engine manufacturers can testify to the unique deisgn, proven functionality, and reliability of this unique tool, the No Mess Filter Drain.

No Mess Filter Drain only works on spin-on oil filters.  We believe the has a spin on oil filter.  Please be sure this information is correct.

Unfortunately, there are so many vehicles that we just can not personally test them all. If you find the No Mess Filter Drain does not work for you, please return it and we will happily give you your money back.  If you are not sure our tool will work for you, please contact us and we will happily do the research on your behalf.

The first time you use the No Mess Filter Drain
you will realize how easy
it is to drain your oil filter.
will you make a mess removing your oil filter!

Works on Virtually Any Spin-on Oil Filters – including your.

Fast, Easy and above all Clean

Using the No Mess Filter Drain changes the oil change experience. When you change your oil, you’re ready for a hot, wet, oily mess that seems unavoidable. You cuss and gripe because you know this is going to be a pain in the rear. But you know you have to do it, or your engine will suffer – and there goes all the money you poured into your vehicle!

But wouldn’t you rather have a BETTER way of changing oil on that than the MESSY HASSLE it always seems to be?

Well, this is where my new invention – the NO MESS Filter Drain – comes in…

Think about it… the moment you unscrew that oil filter, you can’t stop that oil from gushing out. It goes everywhere!  Right down the sides of the oil filter, on you hand - as you spin it more and more of a mess is made.  If you are very lucky, you have an oil filter that is straight up and if you are even luckier, you can balance the oil filter well enough to only spill a few drops... but most just are not that skilled or lucky. The end result is the same: A HUGE OILY MESS!

Forget THAT!

My filter drain gives you an easy way to drain the oil filter before the MESS is created. After all, manufacturers don’t go to the trouble of designing “cool” stuff that makes your life easier or cleaner. That’s what after-market products are for.

This is THE after-market tool
to END ALL oil filter messes!

Basically, it works because of the special holes in the center of the filter drain. When you screw the self-taping filter drain into your oil filter, is creates a pathway for the oil to get out.  As soon as you penetrate the oil filter, oil will flow out the No Mess Filter Drain and through a TUBE that you attach.

The tube is what captures the flowing oil, which allows the oil to drain where you want it to, without a mess.

Imagine the TIME you’ll save!

Listen: Changing your own oil shouldn’t be a big hassle – but it often is.

You probably dedicate about an hour of your free time – and it usually ends up being more, if you count all the clean-up that happens when there’s an accident or basic mess.

But with my “NO MESS” filter drain, you’ll be finished with your oil change in minutes! Go ahead, time yourself. You’ll be shocked.

Clean-up? What clean-up?

You might need a rag or two, just to wipe your hands after you dispose of your oil. But that’s all I can think of. Everything else will be as clean as a whistle!

When it’s all out, you simply remove the No Mess Filter Drain, spin off the old filter and replace it with your brand new one!

In the process of inventing this NO MESS Filter Drain, I also came up with an improved SUPER-FAST Oil Extractor that works like a charm with my NO MESS Filter Drain. This baby sucks all the oil out of your oil filter in a flash – saving you even MORE time whenever you change your oil.


Simple to Use

To Use:

“Get ready for your FIRST clean oil filter change…”

  • First - attach a hose.  The hose is not included with the No Mess Filter Drain but it is include with the No Mess Oil Extractors.  IF YOU HAVE our Oil Extractor, turn it on before going to the next step.
  • Using a drill (We prefer cordless impact drills), drill the No Mess Filter Drain into the lowest point of your spin-on oil filter.
  • Wait for the oil to finish draining.
  • Remove the No Mess Filter Drain.
  • Remove and reinstall a new oil filter.

NOTE: You can install the new oil filter with your hand but you may need a special tool to get it off.  Sometimes you can take a long screwdriver and drive it through the sides of the oil filter, allowing you to use the screwdriver to turn off the oil filter. Old school method: but it works!

  • Lubricate and tighten the new oil filter to the recommended torque settings


Unique Design And Superior Quality

Every No Mess Filter Drain is made in an ISO 9001 certified factory, constructed with the best possible grade of carbon steel. Once they are manufactured, they are then coated with Nickel to provide a lasting protection against rust. The No Mess Filter Drains are kept to extremely high standards and tolerances. We don’t want oil dripping on your driveway any more than we want it on ours.

All No Mess Filter Drain are assembled and packaged in Clermont, FL where a select few are tested again before making it to your door.

We get asked a lot of things about the No Mess Drain Plug and thought you would like to know these cool facts.

Stripped Oil Pan or Drain Plug Threads are a thing of the past!

Yep, you read that right.  The No Mess Drain Plug gets installed permanently and you'll never have to worry about stripping a drain pan or the drain plug threads again.  By permanent, we mean you will never need to remove and replace it like the standard drain plugs.  Of course, you can always remove it if you really want to... but why would you?

Now, when you need to change your oil, you already have the tool you need - it's the No Mess Drain Plug and your fingers.  we do recommend using a hose and even an oil extractor, both are optional.Have you ever set out to change your oil and noticed your drain plug threads are stripped?  Or have you gone for an oil change and been told the threads on your oil pan drain are shot?   In either case, it's not a fun prospect.

This can be a quite an expensive repair, and one that you can possibly avoid once you have a No Mess Drain Plug!

Why use a hose to drain oil?

Simple answer: it keeps the oil inside the hose so you can route the oil exactly where you want it to go.

Longer answer with a cool twist: we already covered routing the oil but then there's a hidden benefit to draining oil inside a hose: the venturi effect.  You heard it here first - the venturi effect if your friend and makes oil draining faster. 

Something about fluid flowing from a slightly larger hole into a slightly smaller hose create speed, which in turn creates suction.  We have all experienced this but maybe we didn't know what we were looking at.  Let's use a garden hose for instance: ever put you thumb over the end to make the water spray further? 

That's the venturi effect! 

You are limiting the flow of water and squeezing it between your finger and the hose tip, which creates more water speed and then the water sprays further.  You're not going to get a spray effect with the hole but you will get an increased speed.  So with a hose, your oil will start draining slight slower but end at a much faster pace.  With a hose, you can forget the word "trickle."

Now your tool IS the No Mess Drain Plug... and your fingers.

In the past, the only way to get the oil out is to remove the drain plug, hopefully catch the oil in the drain pan and once you've waited a very long time for the oil to drain, you replace the drain plug.                             Well not anymore!

Then there's always the right sized wrench.  Is it a 14mm, maybe a 13mm... oh wait, this one may be a standard size - a 5/8" maybe?  If you're anything like me, you never really know and you spend quite a few trips going back and forth between the vehicle and the tool box trying to find the right sized wrench.  You may even give up after a couple of trips and just use an adjustable wrench - AND THAT'S WHY your drain plug is slightly rounded now.

Let's forget this, there's a better way.

Now, instead of the same old boring remove and replace, you just use your fingers to turn the No Mess Drain Plug on.  Let the oil drain and then using those same boring fingers, turn it right back off.

Fishing is dead!

We all love to fish but not when it comes to changing your oil.  We have done some statistics and found that about 99% of people have dropped the drain plug in that oil, used and sometimes even HOT!!! oil in the drain pan.  The lovely thing (yes, I used lovely in a not-so-lovely kinda way) that you get to fish the drain plug back out.

When you're fishing, sometimes you're more clever than the average guy, so you use an extentable, magnetic retrieval tool.  it works great and you can find the drain plug without burning yourself.  BUT THERE'S STILL THE MESS.

Now, you have to clean off the oil from both the drain plug AND the retrieval tool.

Good riddance to that!

With the No Mess Drain Plug being permanently installed, you'll never be able to drop it into the used oil.  Why are we making this so easy on you?  Because we like you.

How safe is the No Mess Drain Plug?

We all love this question: it's even hard to answer without being a bit of a smart ass.  Of course we designed it to be as safe as possible.  What have we done you ask?  Several things in fact.

We use what's called a spring and ball detent: this just allows the drain plug to lock in the on and off positions.  Our first versions had only this and we have never had anyone tell us it came on accienditally.  We have also never had anyone tell us that their friend reached under their vehicle and drained their oil either (yes, we get that question ALL THE TIME).

Advice if you're worried about your friends turning on your drain plug and draining you oil: get better friends.  Also, look for that huge puddle of oil under your vehicle before you start it... your friend just drained your oil and it's not a good idea to drive off without refilling the oil.

What else did we do? That's not enough?

No! OK - we did more.

We designed a saftey pin that threads down into the hose exhaust port and actually physically locks the drain plug in the "off" position.  Yep, it has a lock.  It's a clever custom nylon little black thing that looks almost, just like a finger screw.

The lock is not a key lock or a combination lock, it's a finger lock.. it's a safety... and it's easy to install and remove with your fingers.  It will not stop your buddy from draining your oil but it will stop the drain plug from getting slapped "on" by an old stalk while driving across the corn fields, fleeing the scene, bouncing while launging with your buddy and spilling that drink all over your lap (you pick the buddy and the drink to imagine). 

Bet you got a mental picture of that one! I did.

Here's another cool thing about that safety pin: it also keep the debris out.  This is one thing we experienced in the past.  Driving down the road, be it paved or dirt, stuff flies up. It may seem like a little dust but that collects.  Eventually it can become an issue - so we plugged the hole and now it's not an issue.

Want to drain oil EXTREMELY FAST?

How fast?  How about roughly a gallon a minute?

Draining oil with the No Mess Drain Plug or the No Mess Filter Drain is cool, but using the No Mess Oil Extractor make it the bomb!  The cats meow... totally awesome... inspired!  Ok, enough with the idioms.  Let's get down to the brass tacks. (I crack myself up sometimes)

Oil extractors are just pumps and they pump oil from one place to another.  Some are manual, some are little motors.  Ours is a 12 DC motor and after a bit of "re-imaging," we were able to make it work with both the No Mess Drain Plug and the No Mess Filter Drain.

Pumping oil is faster than gravity if you're using an electric motor: no one can argue that.  Using our No Mess Oil Extractor not only moves the oil fast, faster than gravity alone, but it also allows you to skip the drain pan entirely.

Today is the day you pump the oil right from your oil sump into your recycle bin!

Isn't that a cool statement?  Yes, it is.

With the No Mess Oil Extractor, you'll be sucking the oil out and pumping it right where you want it deposited.  No mess made - no clean up to experience.  Hop on over to our description of the No Mess Oil Extractor and we'll fully explain its use, it's hookup and everything else you may need to know.