“Get ready for your LAST messy oil change…”

If you change your own oil
but HATE the mess,
you’ll love how we’ve transformed the way we change oil!

The mess you make while you
change over to your new “NO MESS” plug
will be the LAST mess you ever make!

Hi, my name is Daniel White and I feel like I’ve done every DIY guy (and gal) in the world a HUGE favor that I’m super-excited to tell everyone about!

That’s why I’ve created this website, and I’ve been running ads to tell people about my new inventions.

I’m not a professional ad writer, so please bear with me while I try my best to tell you about how I’ve figured out a new way to do that needed maintenance.

First, I have to admit that I kind of “stumbled onto” these inventions. I didn’t set out to invent anything. I just wanted a better way to change the oil and filter on my truck and Harley…

With Absolutely NO MESS Each Time!

If you can relate to the frustration of what a MESS it is when you try to save a few bucks by changing your own oil, you’ll be VERY interested in the products I’ve developed.

You know what I’m talking about…

Whenever you change your oil, you’re ready for a hot, wet, oily mess that seems unavoidable. You cuss and gripe because you know this is going to be a pain in the rear. But you know you have to do it, or your engine will suffer – and there goes all the money you poured into your vehicle!

But wouldn’t you rather have a BETTER way of changing oil than the MESSY HASSLE it always seems to be?

Well, this is where my new invention – the NO MESS Drain Plug – comes in…

Think about it… the moment you unscrew that oil plug, you can’t stop that oil from gushing out. It goes everywhere! Especially if there’s a strong wind. You can even get HOT OIL blown in your FACE! (I’ve had it happen.)

Oh, and if you don’t catch that drain plug in your hand right away – yeah, your oily hand -- it drops into the hot, used oil you’re draining… and then you have to fish it, clean it off just so you can re-install the drain plug into the drain pan. Fun.

Most of the time, something goes wrong. But hey, you put up with it.

Because you have to put up with it: you know it must be done.

After all, you’re not the kind of guy (and neither am I) who would pay someone else roughly $100 to change oil.

I’m sure you’re also the kind of guy who doesn’t get ripped off with that $20 oil change ad. It’s obvious those guys are using the cheapest, lousiest oil available just trying to make a buck on that $20 oil change.

Forget THAT!

We change our own oil, thank you very much. Even though we hate it. Even though it’s messy. Even though we spend more time cleaning up than anyone thought possible. IT HAS TO BE DONE.

So that’s why, one day I decided to put on my “thinking cap” (I’m somewhat of a clever guy)… and in a slight flash of brilliance, I figured out how to design an oil drain plug that would do ALL the work FOR me!

Yes, there are other “no mess” drain plugs on the market, but they kinda suck.

Their biggest drawback is that they can actually “turn on” ACCIDENTALLY! Some even break off because they stick out too far! I’ve even seen reports of some getting turned on because a lever was knocked sideways. (that makes me cringe with just the thought)

Imagine going down the road and having all your oil accidentally drain out while you’re driving! No thanks!

So I kept that in mind when I designed mine, and it is absolutely ACCIDENT-PROOF.

There is NO WAY it could EVER accidentally open.

My plug gives you an easy way around the MESS that occurs when using the standard oil pan drain plug that’s on your vehicle right now. After all, manufacturers don’t go to the trouble of designing “cool” stuff that makes your life better. That’s what after-market products are for.

This is THE after-market drain plug
to END ALL drain plugs!

Basically, it works because of the special holes in the center of the plug. When you turn the plug one-quarter turn, the holes line up and the oil flows out through a HOSE that you attach. Yep, I converted the drain plug the ONLY TOOL you need to drain your oil.

The hose is what makes the oil flow without a mess. With the hose, you’ll never again experience wind blowing your hot, used oil beside the catch pan. NEVER again will it be blown in MY FACE! (yes, that happened….)

When it’s all out, you simply remove the hose and turn the plug 90 degrees – with your bare hand!

This way, the plug never actually comes out. It stays screwed in to your oil pan.


Now the PLUG and HOSE lets you stay in control the whole time. There’s no chance of splashing, gushing, or getting the oil all over everything.

You won’t even have to fish around in the dirty oil for the plug. Never ever again.

Imagine the TIME you’ll save!

Listen: Changing your own oil shouldn’t be a big hassle – but it often is.

You probably dedicate about an hour of your free time – and it usually ends up being more, if you count all the clean up that happens when there’s an accident or basic mess.

But with my “NO MESS” oil drain plug, you’ll be finished with your oil change in minutes!

Clean-up? What clean-up?

You might need a paper towel or two, just to wipe your hands after you dispose of your oil. But that’s all I can think of. Everything else will be as clean as a whistle!

No oily mess – unless you slip and fall while carrying your old oil…!

I’m serious. You’ll be absolutely AMAZED when you see this NO MESS Drain Plug in action.

I actually have MAJOR ENDORSEMENTS for this product – from Ride Like a Pro to the Daytona Harley Davidson Drill Team!

But here’s what “regular folk” have said about this remarkable plug…

“I didn’t believe the guy when he told me how easy and fast this little drain plug was. I believe now. It works!” Chris * West Virginia

Another customer writes…

“I purchased the drain plug only so I could test to see if what Daniel told me was true. It is. In fact, I’m so happy with the drain plug that I’m going back to buy all the other things he told me about to make my oil changing faster and easier!” – Kevin * Oregon

Jake Gilliam couldn’t say enough good things…

“When I first saw the No Mess Drain Plug, it just seemed like something that was too good to be true. I assumed that there had to be reasons that a device like this wasn't on my vehicle already. Although I am fully capable of changing my own oil in my Honda Ridgeline, I have always paid someone to do the job so I could avoid the mess. With this product I can confidently complete the job in record time and with zero mess. I will be buying more for my fleet vehicles, Harley motorcycle, and my competition vehicles -- while celebrating a small financial victory every 3,000 miles or so!”

Celebrity Endorsements!

Leading business experts also praise my product – everyone from Kevin Harrington to entrepreneurial guru, Loral Langemeier!

I can honestly say that I’m very proud of the NO MESS Drain Plug.

You’ll love the high-quality construction that I insisted on, too.

I use only CARBON STEEL with a nickel coating for rust prevention. It looks shiny and sharp!

This plug will out-last your vehicle, that’s for sure.

I also designed it with a special Thumb Screw that acts as a dust cap against road dirt and grime, as well as a lock to ensure it’s never turned on accidentally.

Also, the drain plug is impossible to over-tighten. (But please don’t try to prove me wrong and hurt yourself in the process.)

“I Wish They Had a Standard Size”

Now, because vehicles have different size drain plugs (I wish they had a standard, but they don’t), the NO MESS Drain Plug comes with FIVE different adapters so you’ll have the RIGHT-SIZE for your vehicle.

When the NO MESS Drain Plug arrives at your home, you’ll see that there are only a few simple steps in the instructions. One quick assembly of your adapter with the special O-ring that comes with it, add you’re your OEM washer/O-ring and you’re ready.

Next, do the necessary “remove and replace” operation on your vehicle. (Hey! You get to do an oil change!)

Then, the next time you need to change your oil, it will happen virtually AUTOMATICALLY!

In fact…

The oily mess you’ll probably make
changing to your new “NO MESS” plug
will be the LAST mess you ever make!

I’m serious.

Once the NO MESS plug is installed, oily messes will be a thing of the past!

It will all be so simple, you’ll think you went to one of those Oil-Changer services and paid a fortune for some guy to do all the work while you had a beer!

With my patented NO MESS Drain Plug, you’ll be back in front of your TV, sipping that beer, and smiling from ear to ear because of the TIME and MONEY you saved!

Just click here to make your NO-RISK purchase.


I say “NO RISK” because my plug – and ALL my oil-change products (see below) – come with a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE of COMPLETE SATISFACTION.

If you’re not totally convinced that the NO MESS Plug is right for you or your vehicle, just ship it back and I’ll refund every penny. I don’t believe you should have to pay for something that isn’t right.

So don’t delay.

You have nothing to risk – and a lifetime of FREEDOM FROM OILY MESSES to look forward to!

There’s nothing nicer than changing your oil without the laborious hassle of oily rags, spills, oil all over your engine… you name it.

I don’t have to tell you what a pain it is. You already know.

But now you can DO SOMETHING to fight back against “Oil Change Syndrome”! Pick up one of my NO MESS Drain Plugs while it’s on your mind.

Supplies are often back-ordered, so ACT NOW!


Daniel White

P.S. One more thing. It’s important…

In the process of inventing this NO MESS Drain Plug, I also came up with an enhanced SUPER-FAST Oil Extractor that works like a charm with my NO MESS Drain Plug. This baby sucks all the oil out of your pan in a flash – saving you even MORE time whenever you change your oil.

P.P.S. Last thing. This may be more important than the drain plug…

I also invented an Oil Filter Drain Tool. The purpose of this tool is to remove the oil from the oil filter before removing the oil filter. This way, you have NO OIL to make a mess with when you remove the oil filter!

I have to give credit to the folks that asked me to figure out a way to stop the oil filter mess. When I began this adventure, the oil filter wasn’t on my RADAR. When I made my first No Mess Drain Plugs, I went to my first show and a ton of people told me my Drain Plug was brilliant, it was magnificent – marvelous, superb… some even called ingeniously simple and effective… I was loving life and feeling like a world class “thinking man.”

But then a lot of them asked me a simple question “What about the oil filter? Isn’t that a bigger mess?”

YEAH (I felt ashamed I hadn’t thought of this before – but they were right, it’s a mess too and maybe even a bigger one)

But it wasn’t something I was thinking about. After all, I started this just so I could accomplish two things:

1. Never again get hot, used, disgusting oil blown in my face or onto my truck and driveway.

2. Catch ALL the oil without having to move the catch pan…. which typically resulted in oil sloshing out the side of the catch pan.

I did what I intended to do by inventing the No Mess Drain Plug…. Now these kind folks want me to solve the filter oil mess too!


Now I really thought this was going to be easy…. But it really was a challenge. Oil filters are much harder (made from metal!) than I expected. Getting the oil out seems like an easy task but the reality is: IT’S HARD!

But I DID IT. After about 10 different ideas, I came up with my No Mess Filter Drain tool.

Simple to use.

Using the same hose (a 3/8” vinyl hose from Home Depot) and a cordless impact drill, I just drilled it into the low spot on the filter and oil starts coming out. PERFECT!

My idea started with how to transform my current method: Screwdriver being hammered into the low spot of the oil filter and attempting to catch the spewing oil in my catch pan (hardly ever worked without a HUGE mess). I had a lot of failed ideas but the one I have now works much better than I thought it would.

The No Mess Filter Drain just bores its own hole, creates a seal at the same time and provides a path inside the tool for the oil to escape.

I’m going to tell you my secret: at this point, I had already re-imagined the oil extractor pump, which just pumps oil from one place to another: self-priming and extremely fast…. So when I tried this version of my filter drain tool idea, I tried it using the oil extractor pump as well.

The filter drain tool idea worked awesome! The oil extractor made it fast and even cleaner…..

My dad even chanted in the background “Winner, Winner – chicken Dinner!”

There’s nothing nicer than changing your oil without the laborious hassle of oily rags, spills, oil all over your engine… you name it.

The result of my new idea is my No Mess Filter Drain tool, which is now also patented.

As I said before, now you can DO SOMETHING to fight back against “Oil Change Syndrome”! Pick up one of my NO MESS Filter Drain, No Mess Drain Plugs and for god’s sake, get a No Mess Oil Extractor while it’s on your mind.

I guarantee life will be better.
With the No Mess Filter Drain tool
and the No Mess Oil Extractor, even
the first time you use it you

For this and ALL my new DIY oil-changing products, click here!

You’re going to love what I’ve come up with!